NHS Trust Sponsor Research Into Inherited Heart Conditions


Holter Monitoring

A leading University NHS Foundation Trust, based in the UK, is the study sponsor for a multi-site randomized 1-year evaluation of a pharmaceutical treatment for patients with cardiomyopathy.


A major clinical pharmaceutical trial investigating changes of exercise capacity, heart function and abnormal heart rhythm in patients with cardiomyopathy wanted to incorporate a low-cost clinical-grade ECG heart monitor for over 170 subjects to wear at the initiation and completion of the 12-month hereditary heart disease trial. Traditional holter tests proved to be expensive and inconvenient for patients both for fitting and returning the equipment.


With the Holter Connect™ Zero Contact workflow, participants were able to self-apply the wearable biosensor and would return it to the research center after a 24-hour wear period.

  • Affordable method to incorporate ECG data into a clinical study without the need of purchasing holter equipment or employing cardiac technicians
  • Data can be easily uploaded to the Holter Connect platform for analysis
  • Full holter report produced by third-party cardiac technicians
  • Eliminates the need for participants to return the holter equipment at the start and end of the assessment

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