LifeSignals Accelerates Introduction Of Wireless Medical Biosensors For COVID-19 Remote Monitoring


LifeSignals accelerates introduction of single-use wireless medical biosensor patches for COVID-19 mass population remote monitoring

FREMONT, Calif.- LifeSignals Group Inc., today announced that a single-use, wireless biosensor for the early detection and monitoring of coronavirus symptoms is being fast-tracked for introduction within weeks. Based on a proven platform for cardiovascular monitoring, the Biosensor 1AX, simply affixed on the chest area, will record temperature, respiration rate, ECG trace, heart rate, and movement – in real-time. The data is sent wirelessly from the biosensor to an app on the user’s phone, where the data is displayed in real-time. If symptoms develop, the data can also be sent to a secure cloud platform enabling healthcare authorities to introduce effective general population remote screening such as those placed under quarantine, patients in care home facilities, or vulnerable, high-risk people in their own homes.

In addition, LifeSignals is targeting June for the Patient Management Biosensor 2A which captures, stores, and streams clinical-grade vital signs data including SpO2. This will allow recovering coronavirus patients in intensive care units to be moved to lower dependency wards, off-site medical facilities, and back to their own homes with the assurance that all of their vital sign data is being continually monitored in real-time. Allowing patients to be monitored in their own homes, Biosensor 2A based monitoring will assist in optimizing the use of scarce medical resources and free up hospital beds. At the onset of a patient’s vital signs showing deterioration, immediate action can be taken to avoid hospital re-admission.

This new-to-market biosensor technology is the first of its’ kind to overcome the restrictions of using wireless devices within a multi-patient hospital environment. The biosensors can be worn for up to 5 days and can be safely disposed of, reducing the risk of cross-contamination of healthcare staff.

“As soon as the serious nature of the COVID-19 outbreak became apparent, we immediately started investigating where our wireless biosensor technology could help. We identified two key areas where healthcare systems are choked; consumers calling in about symptoms they are experiencing and lack of critical care hospital beds. We activated intense effort to leverage our existing technology to produce highly reliable products to address these two areas. Our global teams are working hard to fast-track the development and production of these two biosensors – and we are working closely with local regulatory authorities – so we have the economics and manufacturability to reach mass populations. We believe these products will make a real difference to patients’ treatment and those who are delivering the care,” says Surendar Magar, co-founder, and CEO of LifeSignals.

LifeSignals have created a fully interoperable technology that can easily be integrated into most health monitoring platforms, apps, and healthcare systems. We are actively seeking companies and organizations to partner with, so together, we can bring clinical-grade remote monitoring to a much wider patient base, helping reduce the burden on healthcare systems.

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