LifeSignals Partners With INQCEL and Dreamtech To Enable Faster Time To Market, Lower Development Costs For New LSP-Based Wearables For Health, wellness, and safety


Collaboration provides comprehensive support for OEM development and manufacturing of new biosensor wearables and life-enhancing IoT nodes based on LifeSignals’ LSP.INQCEL provides expert design services and application-focused support tools for OEMs to develop LSP-based clinical- and consumer-grade wearables. INQCEL provides expert design services and application-focused support tools for OEMs to develop LSP-based clinical- and consumer-grade wearables.Dreamtech provides LSP-centric industrial design and contract manufacturing services to take OEM product designs to high volume production in record times. Dreamtech provides LSP-centric industrial design and contract manufacturing service to take OEM product designs to high volume production in record times.

Fremont (California), Mountain View (California), and Seoul (South Korea) – The LifeSignals Processor™ or LSP™ semiconductor platform (announced earlier this month) is purpose-built for OEMs to rapidly-produce volume-targeted wearables including disposable wireless biosensors, biosensor embedded garments, and wristbands. LSP-based wearables offer an unparalleled combination of high-reliability wireless, high clinical accuracy, and low cost, to continuously monitor widely used vital sign signals and deliver them to the cloud. Additionally, other parameters such as location, movements, and environmental conditions can be captured to create a variety of personal safety-related wearable products. Now a new collaboration between LifeSignals, INQCEL, and Dreamtech has been established to provide a comprehensive range of services and support for OEMs who are developing a new generation of LSP-based smart wearables for health, wellness, and safety, with contemporary time-to-market and cost constraints.

“We are working with a variety of worldwide OEMs who are developing LSP-based fully disposable and reusable medical and consumer wearables for high-volume human and animal healthcare, lifecare, and personal safety markets. For us to scale up to serve an even wider set of OEM customers, we are proud to announce the commitment of two of our most trusted partners – INQCEL and Dreamtech – who have heavily invested in creating LSP-based infrastructure to support OEMs in their new product development efforts. By combining LifeSignals tools with LSP services our goal is to enable OEMs to take their wearable designs from initial schematic to working samples in 100 days,” said Surendar Magar, Founder, and CEO of LifeSignals.

INQCEL’s newly formed Innovation Lab is organized to internally incubate and accelerate the time-to-market for the next generation of human and animal healthcare products. These products are designed to lower the cost and improve the quality of care through innovations in the interface with the human and animal bodies. Founded and staffed by a seasoned group of successful serial entrepreneurs, executives, medical and veterinary doctors, and engineers, INQCEL has a deep understanding of the LifeSignals Processor platform and development tools, as well as comprehensive expertise in the development of medical devices.

“We are excited to join forces with LifeSignals in their quest to improve health and wellness by providing and realizing the value of a new wireless clinical-grade biosensor interface to the body that is capable of addressing the needs and benefits of a more comprehensive telemetry platform for our health and wellness. INQCEL has the unique combination of experience, knowledge, and expertise to help OEMs define, design, and develop the products based on the LSP platform in a cost-efficient manner, with minimal time-to-market, for both consumers and medical devices, including those targeted for FDA approvals. We made a commitment to LifeSignals as we see the LSP becoming the platform of choice for clinical-grade biosensing wearables,” said Gary Cantu, Founder, and CEO of INQCEL. “We will employ the LSP for “the last few meters between patient and our XDS-based infrastructure program.”

Dreamtech is a world-class manufacturing subcontractor with factories in South Korea, China, and Vietnam. As the largest provider of modules to one of the world’s largest producers of smartphones, Dreamtech has the industrial design, manufacturing prowess, and production expertise to manufacture high-quality products in large volumes. Dreamtech has been diversifying in new markets, including healthcare. Recognizing the market potential of the LifeSignals Processor platform, Dreamtech has been investing in creating LSP-based manufacturing infrastructure over the last couple of years, including industrial design expertise, design for manufacturability methodology, efficient production lines, and LSP-targeted test equipment. Dreamtech has been working for a period of time with some of the OEMs who have been designing wearables based on the LSP platform, one of which is expected to make its debut in the US market in early 2019.

“As part of our healthcare initiative, we foresaw a great value in LifeSignals’ LSP platform. Not only have we participated in Series C-1 financing of LifeSignals, we have also invested heavily in our own LSP-based manufacturing infrastructure to support OEMs for high volume production. We will continue to evolve our LSP based infrastructure as we engage with a wider set of OEMs. We are excited to join forces with INQCEL in supporting OEMs. With joint support of LifeSignals, INQCEL and Dreamtech – we will be able to take OEM products from specs through design and volume production in record time greatly reducing the time-to-market cycle of OEMs.” Said Mr. HS Kim, CEO of Dreamtech.

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About LifeSignals, Inc.
LifeSignals (formerly HMicro Inc.) is the Silicon Valley-based creator and producer of the patented LifeSignals Processor (LSP), a semiconductor platform designed to faithfully capture and communicate vital life signals from humans and animals to the cloud. LifeSignals works together with its growing ecosystem of technology and services partners, to serve established OEMs and early-stage innovators in human and animal healthcare, senior living, worker safety, and other life-critical markets. LifeSignals is a venture capital-backed, a fabless semiconductor company, enabled by equity investments from Flex, Uniquest, Dreamtech, Renew Group, Seraph Capital, Xseed Capital, and Reddy Capital. Further information can be found at

About INQCEL Corporation
Formed in 2017 in the heart of Silicon Valley, INQCEL combines an Innovation Lab and Advanced Research Team, with a technology prospecting and rapid commercialization business model. INQCEL invents internally and engages with cutting-edge teams and companies globally to repetitively identify and build disruptive spin-out companies in the human and animal healthcare and dental markets and starting late summer the AgTech market. Managed by a team of serial entrepreneurs, and a broad range of technologists, INQCEL will spin out its first two subsidiaries in Q3, 2018. Funded by the founding team, INQCEL will be raising a venture and private growth fund this summer.

About Dreamtech
Founded in 1998, Dreamtech engages in the design and manufacturing of modular and finished solutions for mobile, automotive, healthcare, and home appliances. Working closely with customers from the product development phase, Dreamtech develops customized modules that satisfy the customers’ functional needs while meeting necessary cost requirements through volume production. Dreamtech operates 8 factories, which are located in the most cost-effective countries such as China and Vietnam. Its major products include integrated printed board assembly for mobile phones and OLED display panels, various sensor modules including fingerprint sensors, LED and HUD modules for automobiles, wireless ECG monitoring biosensors, intraoperative orthopedic sensors for total knee arthroplasty, and large-sized touch displays. Further information can be found at

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