Enabling Remote Cardiac Monitoring Across The Remote Islands Of The Philippines


Holter Monitoring

A telehealth and cardiac screening company headquartered in Manila has been working with LifeSignals as of early 2020 to expand remote cardiac monitoring in the Philippines.


Due to the scarcity of medical professionals in rural areas across the Archipelago, thousands of people have no direct access to common cardiac services and consequently are at risk. After a family member tragically died due to the lack of qualified paramedics in the area, the client was driven to help others and started a cardiac screening and health education company, offering remote services managed through a single call center, servicing the Philippine islands.  Finding a low cost, single-use disposable biosensor based holter solution was imperative to expansion of service.



The partner company is pushing the frontiers of healthcare in places where cardiac monitoring has often been inaccessible due to either location or availability of qualified healthcare professionals. The expansion of remote Holter monitoring has improved the lives of many people by providing fast cardiac diagnoses.

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