Extended Holter Monitoring Delivered To Vulnerable Patients In Their Own Homes


Holter Monitoring

In 2016, LifeSignals partnered with a company based in Kerala, India that is transforming the way ambulatory cardiac monitoring is delivered and become the new normal among the leading cardiologists and neurologists in hospitals across the country.


Traditional holter tests require expensive, cumbersome equipment to be fitted to the patient by a health professional, hence, the wait time for a holter test is typically over six weeks. The company was looking for an affordable and wireless option, as well as a business partner that would help the company launch a scalable remote holter solution’s growth. The result was a solution using LifeSignals disposable biosensor coupled with the user’s phone that captures and transfers the data to the cloud server. This eliminated the need for equipment to be returned by the patient and the solution is scaling rapidly in India, making timely tests available to large populations.


The company developed an end-to-end holter solution by developing a cloud-based platform that captures patient ECG waveforms from LifeSignals Wearable Biosensors and stores the data securely in a cloud-based server. Qualified cardiac technicians can remotely access the anonymized ECG waveforms to produce the patient’s holter report within 36 hours. The prescribing cardiologist can then access the holter report and view beat-by-beat waveforms.

  • More than 10,000 holter tests have been prescribed by over 800 cardiologists
  • Patients no longer have to visit a medical facility but can start their holter test from the comfort of their own home
  • Holter test reports were sent to cardiologists within 36 hours, accelerating patient diagnosis and treatment decisions
  • Nurses are no longer required to fit and manage holter equipment, optimizing their time
  • More patients receiving holter tests increase the possibility of identifying arrhythmias and preventing strokes

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